Monday, September 15, 2008

Drudging through the rain

Rain, rain go away...there are certainly a lot of people harboring this same thought these days. It rained the majority of the weekend and the cold has set in for today - a certain predictor to our upcoming season change. Oh, how I dread the snow and cold weather which is just around the corner.

Scarf Style has been in my library for awhile and there is yarn here intended for 4 or 5 projects in that book. With the impending weather inevitable, it was time to do something to prepare.

Vintage Velvet has been intriguing and this knit up quickly in 10 days. True, other projects are on my needles so you could knit this up faster with dedication. This scarf is so soft - make one and you will be pleased.

After Velvet was off the needles, the nagging idea returned to frog half of a mohair sweater for another scarf.
Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Mohair was appealing as a sweater years ago. Thank goodness I snapped to my senses after knitting the back and quit production. Horror stories are out there about frogging mohair -- they are all true, but this task is not impossible and success prevailed. Hopefully, this will be more fun to knit the second time around.

Happily, the alpaca is finished. 655 yards of yummy alpaca made my day. As usual, it does not have a project, but that will change sometime soon. I can't keep my hands off of it.

A gift of Briar Rose BFL arrived last month and it is now being spun up. I'm pretty sure I haven't spun BFL before. The memory would have stuck with me. This fiber is incredible - soft and buttery. Chris' color job just adds to the beauty. How lucky am I?
An update on Bugg seems to be in order - she is doing well and is so happy at school. She is in the right place and has adjusted. We did receive a call for money last week (heh heh, it took a month!). I miss her a lot, but she has been calling and shares with us - I am thankful for that. She will be playing tennis at the end of the month and asked me to come down...the car is gassed up and my clothes are packed!


becky c. said...

That scarf looks so soft!! I might wear it to sleep in. :)

Jeanne said...

The scarf is gorgous - and so is your spinning!

Alice said...

The color of your scarf is amazing! It's so rich looking!