Saturday, September 27, 2008


A smile crosses my face as this post is composed.

Bugg went to college mid-August and this week we needed a visit. She was as happy to see me as I was to see her.

Worry wasn't the reason for the visit, desire to hug that little girl who's been such a central part of my life was.

We shopped a little, ate a little and I hung out in her dorm while she went for a test. It seems I was invisible to her roommate and
her roommate's friends. It reminds me of the time when she was younger and I drove the carpool - they forget, for a moment, that you are there. It was nice.

I still miss her, so much, but we have 2 visits coming up in October and she will be home at Thanksgiving - which is just one more thing that I will be thankful for.


becky c. said...

Happy for you but jealous!! I don't see my baby until Christmas.

Alice said...

The hat looks great on her! She'll definitely be the envy of all her college friends.

Sounds like a great and much needed visit!

Jeanne said...

It is always nice to go see them - we are going next month and I can't wait!