Wednesday, August 13, 2008

nature, knitting and spinning

The gardens are bursting with blooms and the colors are enticing.

For some inexplicable reason there are lilacs blooming. I should do some research and discover exactly why they are blooming, but there isn't time right now.

Toad has been living in this flower pot all summer. I did catch him in the cat's water bowl (inside the garage) one morning. For the most part he stays inside the pot only peeking his head out when the watering occurs.

A bunny showed up outside the porch and we were lucky to find him before the dogs or cat did. A couple of bunnies have already fallen prey to Cat this season, but this little bunny was scooped up into a box and relocated to a safe area in the weeds.

The second sleeve has been complete and measurable progress will slow. 256 stitches are on the needles for the body of this sweater and a row will take quite awhile to get through. Once the facing is complete, I should be able to gauge how much time a row/repeat will take and then calculate how much time I need to spend knitting this to complete in time for Christmas...Mom will be so surprised!
What is on my wheel?
Creamy soft alpaca. So soft it feels like butter running through my fingers. The 8 ounces ball has been divided into 2 ounce portions. One is complete and I hope to get the second finished and plied before leaving Friday for Kentucky.

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becky c. said...

You can just see how soft that alpaca is! Are you going to dye it?