Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Lots of spinning and knitting have been happening around here.
My only daughter is going to be driven 6 1/2 hours away and left at college in two weekends...this flurry of activity is my diversion.

The little hat sparked my desire to do more colorwork so mom's Philosopher's Wool sweater fixin's was dug out.

This is the first sleeve and I will be claiming small victories in knitting this sweater as it may be awhile before the entire thing can be finished. My hope is by Christmas....this Christmas (2008).
The pattern is Fractured Diamonds and it is fun so far. I love the way the inside of the sleeve looks.

There is also a new skein of handspun Corridale.

Lisa held a giveaway months and months ago which led to me winning a hunk of Watermelon pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farms (the pink below)

Once the spinning began, it was apparent that I would want tons of yardage so a quick order was sent to Crown Mountain and this green arrived quite quickly in the mail. Some of the green is still on my wheel and should be finished this week. My FYS named the finished yarn 'Lollipop'

...As if that wasn't enough?

90% Merino, 10% tencil which I call Dominatrix Barbie. The roving came from a fiber day Lisa and I had with Coby at her workshop. You can find it in Coby's Etsy shop, colorway: Guts

Note: Coby's shop is empty today, but keep checking back, she always restocks quickly

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becky c. said...

Seems like you whipped that sleeve up in no time! Looks great.