Thursday, August 21, 2008


We managed to leave Bugg at college (gulp)! I won't humor you by saying these last few weeks have been easy, but it isn't something that can't be managed. There are lots of bare feelings and I know it will ease soon. Her experience is going very well. She was prepared and recruitment week has been rewarding for her.

A knitting detour struck me. This was unlike my usual detours of quilting, spinning, weaving, needlework and I was engulfed! Have you heard of or read Stephenie Meyer's books beginning with Twilight? Stephenie's writing style draws me in and makes me feel like anything is possible. with 400-500 pages each, it seems like the books would be a major commitment. I've read the first two and they've sucked (excuse the pun) me totally in. Who couldn't love Edward? Anyway, I quit knitting for a few days and can't wait to pick up books 3 and 4 from Bugg this weekend. The first two books were left for my dad to read with a note "WARNING!! Reading these books will make you want to become a vampire." Enough said.

These nifty little socks are made from Colinette Jitterbug in Raspberry. They really didn't take long to make (especially if you discount the time spent on diversions). Knit on size 1 needles, this yarn is a dream. Not needing any major pattern concentration, they were knit from the basic pattern on the Colinette label. I needed a little something to hold interest and added the 'alphabet pattern' for the leg. Essentially, I knit 26 stitches and purled one repeating throughout the leg.

The first half of alpaca was drying as Bugg and I headed out with her car loaded down. It was dry upon my return and is absolutely incredible. So, so soft. 315 yards of fingering weight and there is still another half to spin! Great yardage!

One whole week without spinning - my acquired skilz are bound to suffer.

Last but not least, a few days were spent with my folks and my niece was cooperative for photos in here Bolero aka Chocolate Covered Cherry.
She is pretty big for a 4 year old, but I managed to make it large enough for her to wear for awhile.


becky c. said...

Can't decide which is cuter, the kid or the bolero.

Jackie said...

I'm soon to have an empty nest and not looking forward to it at all! You'll have to share with us how you get through it.

The bolero is wonderful and the kid is pretty darn cute herself!

Jeanne said...

Love the Twilight books - I got detoured from everything while I was reading them. Very cute bolero!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aunt Kim! I love you so much from Kayla