Sunday, January 14, 2007

UFO finished?

I would love to dazzle you with my finishing ability, but this post is really about what happened to cause this sweater to be a UFO. Generally, I am good about finishing things, but I do have a few UFOs tucked under cushions.

A blog from a couple of weeks ago mentioned that I had finished something - this Mozart Cardigan from Knit One Crochet Too. The Paintbox yarn sucked me in the day I saw it at a LYS. The cardigan pattern was there, it was different, I ignored the 'no ruffle (especially around the waist) rule' and brought it all home.

Memory serves that it knit up very quickly and I enjoyed the process of the bobbles and the ruffles. When it came to putting the sleeves in, I bombed! There were two or three sincere attempts, many measurements, and the whole thing went into a bag and literally sat where I could trip over it for almost a full year. A few weeks ago I pulled it out and took out the sleeve bind-off and re-measured...decided to bind off again VERY loosely and go for it one last time - Voila!

This cardigan reinforced the fact that I mostly knit for process. I don't always choose the practical or functional and sometimes get sucked in by the challenge of a stitch pattern or richness of the color the yarn is dyed. I am good with knowing this and accept it whole heartedly. However, I have decided that this year I will make conscience decisions to knit with SOME functionality in mind (thus the change in my pattern for the Briar Rose KAL).

The Mozart Cardigan will suffice and I will wear it, but it will never be my favorite sweater. Thanks to my Hubs who took many photos for this sweater post. I could never have loved any of the photos no matter how good they turned out because of the subject matter.

Note to self: Regardless of the size of the ruffle and the placement, it will always make your butt look bigger!


Mitzi said...

You are my hero. Who is that pretty girl in that gorgeous sweater! Love the ruffles. A little lace and frill does a girl good. Ohhh ... I've been needlepointing stars ... do you believe it? Mitzi

Anonymous said...

This sweater is really precious on you. Good - magnificient, fabulous - job on finishing this beauty for yourself. Excellent!! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Is that a self-striping yarn? And did you manipulate the stripes so the fronts matched like that? Or was that pure luck?

Kniterella said...

Dear A~ Thank you!
The yarn has long color repeats and I knit it to the arm bind off in one piece (back and forth on circular needles). I loved the yarn and have seen it felt - it felts nicely!