Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I braved the snowy tundra

I am a big, huge wimp! I admit it, I don't like the snow. Ok, it was pretty today, but give me warm weather!

Truth be told, I went outside because I knew that Kristy would so appreciate a few photos of the snow and I wanted to send a little cheer her way - I'm thinking of you.

Since I ventured outside, I also took the beginning of my Briar Rose KAL project - see...

My goodness, this is the softest yarn and the colors are incredible, more so now that it is wound. I began by designing a sweater with cables but quickly deduced that they over powered the beauty of the yarn and opted for a fitted 'v' neck pullover. I know I will wear it all of the time - it is destined to be my favorite sweater!

Blogger has been a butt-head today and I hope they are getting their stuff together. Haven't we endured enough headache already?

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kim! The snow is beautiful - exactly what I needed to see! And the yarn is wonderful, too. I hope you will show us a sketch or something of your sweater plans. I can't wait to see that yarn meet its destiny!