Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Yoga Mat

Even though it seems like everyone has already 'done' yoga, I haven't. It has been a goal and honestly, some research was completed, but with the surgery looming, it was easy to plan for it after recovery.

The time is finally here and beginning a yoga class presented an opportunity to knit a yoga mat bag! I know there are patterns somewhere in my books, but time is of the essence - the class starts next Monday (11/6). So...it is a felted yoga mat bag for me. There is a TON of Manos just hanging around here plus enough scraps from a prior project to add accent.

If the picture looks familiar, you've probably seen it in "Last Minute Knitted Gifts". It was designed by Joelle Hoverson and is available on Knitting Pattern Central. This pattern does have yardage corrections - check for a review of the book and corrections for the patterns.

Calculations tell me that the felting needs to occur late Thursday or early Friday to provide optimal drying time before class Monday night. I've changed the colors somewhat and am just beginning the section that is orange in the photo (work from the top down). I should be knitting!


Kristy said...

Oh Kim, that is going to be lovely. They say yoga is a great workout and good for mind and body. I'm sure you'll have that bag done in plenty of time for Monday's class.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about a Yoga bag for me and then I'll take a class...sometime. I haven't done yoga either. It's enough that I remember to breathe! FG