Thursday, October 19, 2006

Squares for Grandma Purl (Gma Purl)

It was important to me to get my squares knit up not only because my new friend, Kristy, asked, but because it is for something important. Wow, I can help someone by tapping my passion for knitting from way up North in Michigan? I'm in!

I just quickly pinned the blocks out and still need to get them blocked and they are due to Kristy by 11/10. That will get finished this weekend.

The plan is to pop them into the mail net Tuesday. There will be a little something extra for you, Kristy, so look for this package.

There is still time for you to knit a square for the afghan - check out Grandmother Purl for the details.

On the weather front, I wanted to share these photos from our weather a week ago - The people from Michigan have always told us if we didn't like the weather here, stick around for 5 minutes - it is true!

10/12/06 7:00A
10/12/06 7:40A
10/12/06 9:50A


NeedleTart said...

Nice Blocks! Where did you find the star of David? I will post the recipe for the pear "Juice" after I drain it (around the end of the month). It ahs been rainy here and we have not had those lovely dunny days to properly enjoy the leaves. I hope they last until the sun comes out (Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Ooops! Just channeling my Broadway Baby).

Kniterella said...

Thank you much! I took both block patterns from The Knitting Stitch Bible by Maria Parry-Jones. Seriously, this is the first time I've used it for something. I will keep checking your blog for the pear juice(d) which is what I will be if I can cook some up!

Kristy said...

Kim the squares are beautiful. Really. I can't wait to receive them. Thank you so much for jumping on board. Now get back to knitting the ketchup sweater - I am anxiously awaiting the photos of the finished product! :)