Friday, October 27, 2006

No more applesauce!

There was much activity this week, but I don't feel very accomplished!

On the medical front, my Orthodontist was thrilled with the healing progress from surgery. I left his office on Monday thrilled at the possibility of getting the wiring and plate removed from my upper jaw. I promptly called the surgeon (who looks nothing like Dr. McDreamy but is very good and accomplished in his own right) and found out that they would remove everything on Thursday - which they did. My stomach sometimes fails me by getting queasy and- yes, I've passed name it, when some of these procedures are being done. It went fine...until he began to detail the 'near miss' in the operating room. I will spare you the details, but there was a lot of blood and my body would not respond to limit it. Needless to say, I am still kickin'. I did not see bright lights or talk with any of my passed loved ones. The accident was 3 years ago and I probably have 2 more years left before I can properly eat. I am living proof that you should not only wear your helmet, but a mouth guard too.

So...where was I? The Surgeon did his thing, the Ortho did his thing and I can talk, drink, breathe, and eat now. Just in time for the weekend and I have a list of food that I need to eat - 5 weeks on 'applesauce consistency' has left me feeling hungry.

Needlepoint, you ask? Mitzi and I took the long awaited Stars class at Homestead NeedleArts. I thought the class began at 8A and we were there to pick our really began at 10A. Fiber Guru rolled in around 9 and let us in early, but it was really nice to sit and have coffee at Starbucks. The time I spend with Mitzi makes me appreciate her more - she is a great friend to have. It doesn't appear that I made much progress - if you see holes, it still needs stitched - At this rate it should be finished sometime in 2010. There was plenty of healthy discussion on a wide variety of issues - my favorite is the possibility of developing a doggie door that interacts with the dog collar in a 'garage door opener' way. As the dog (with appropriate collar) nears his doggie door, a sensor would automatically open the door and - voila! I'm thinking this could be great fun for my dog who may be smart enough to figure out the connection and wander by back and forth opening and closing the door just to irritate me with the sound. We also have the other dog who would be scared by the random act and run to the furthest corner of the yard - with 2 ft of snow or pouring down rain - where I would have to break down and get one of the kids to go out and retrieve him. There is always the possibility that they would conspire and fit a random skunk with the device, sending him into our humble abode -- all while they sit back and 'laugh'.

With all of this, I don't know where I found time to knit (yeah, right!) but I did-always do.

Ketchup pieces are all finished and need to be blocked then sewn. Two pair of fingerless gloves are complete - only one this week, though. You get to see a pic of ONE pair because Bugg already ran off with the other. I also spent a lot of time with my stash planning possibilities.

My next project needs to be for Christmas, but I just can't 'feel' it yet. With work beckoning me to return, I realize the need to get moving and start deciding.


Kristy said...

Oh the Ketchup bits are so pretty. I will keep watching to see it come together. This color is really so striking.

Anonymous said...

So if I understand this correctly, the stars piece goes over the doggy door that goes up and down with the remote collar??? Right? Signed, Fiber guru