Friday, October 13, 2006

Knitting on the needles and yarn in the closet

Christmas gift knitting time is here. Truth be told, I feel a bit behind but thinking through it logically things are probably on schedule.

The Littlest Princess has 2 sweaters in the FO pile and the yarn came for the sweater planned for Big Brother. The back is complete and this is the front pocket. The yarn turned out better than imagined - The color is Firecracker Heather (Wool of the Andes - Knit Picks) but I think 'ketchup'. The pattern is a hoodie from The Purl Stitch which reminds me - those patterns are written very, very well. Great for a beginner or for a relaxing brain-free knit.

Branching Out in Debbie Bliss Pure Silk was finally blocked and came out very nice. The cast on/off edges were loose because I wanted to try blocking that asymmetrical end out straight and it came out perfect. My battery died and pictures will be posted of that next week.

***Fiber Guru, this is especially for you***
My Schaeffer Yarn - Marjaana (yes, this is the correct spelling - not the one I said before wink wink) came today and pictures were taken before the battery died -- get ready, here it comes

I ordered Mary Breckinridge and am completely thrilled with the colors - they are so me!

3 skeins at a fraction of the cost you spent (sorry, couldn't help it)!
***End special note***

The Anne was also on sale and 2 skeins came to live at my house. A shawl or something was in the planning when it was ordered, but I've forgotten and will have to re-think my thinking. This is the link to the color ordered, but as always, it is much nicer 'in person'.

This was my first order from Little Knits and I was utmostly pleased to not only find a handwritten note from Rebecca, but to receive free upgraded shipping - I will definitely take my business back to Little Knits.
- Me happy customer!

The weather has been blah for the past 2 days - instead of subjecting you to more complaints, I thought to post a picture that represents where we truly are in the season and insulate us from the cold winter winds-a-blowing outside - thank goodness the snow melted (mostly).


Kristy said...

Ohhhhhh...the Marjaana is beautiful. Do you already have plans for it? The ketchup sweater is going to be lovely. I can't wait to see it come together.

Kniterella said...

Thank you! My pal is doing a Creative Cottage pattern - the Walloby in Marjaana and her yarn was so yummy I planned to make it too. I've been knitting away on ketchup so keep an eye out and I will post a pic when finished.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we ALL know it's pronounced
MARE - IH - WANNA and let's face it, you got a high just looking at mine! I must defend myself here and say that since I saw it in a yarn shop, I felt it only proper to support said yarn shop where I was taking a class and therefore I had to spend more...oh all right! So you're a better shopper than me! Nyah nyah nyah and all that! Yours is delicious also! We just have uncommonly good taste and I don't get out often enough. Speaking of the Mary Jane, that leaf in the sale room sold...that doesn't sound so good on a blog does it? That canvas that was on sale sold. You know, the Japanese Maple? Today. Yes, it did! Now get back to knitting some skinny black pants for me! The kind that will hide my big baduckaduck. Ask your Princess. Theresa