Monday, July 03, 2006

Who put the 'Knit' in Kniterella?

A very good friend that I used to work with taught me how to knit and I am forever indebted to him. He learned while very young. As a member of a very large family growing up in frigid Michigan, he knit out of necessity. He once shared that if he and his siblings were to have hats and mittens for the winter, they had to knit them. I don't believe he knits often these days, but he and his family are in my thoughts as I form stitch after stitch for whatever project I am obsessing over.

My first sweater (acrylic) made 5 years ago. Never worn, but the kids all fought over it

In searching for the perfect FREE pattern (leaving me more $ to buy yarn) for a sweater for my husband, I became painfully aware that male patterns are scarce. I'm talking really great patterns - not ones with mega cables and bobbles (although those are nice, too). Us girls have plenty to choose from - what about our guys? Anyway, I am still on my search and if you know of a great site, please let me know.

As for my husband - I've offered to teach him to knit. To feel the fiber as we wander through the many stores I drag him to. He is content to leave the pointy sticks to me while proudly wearing the garments I've made for him. He is the most wonderfully patient man I've met. He's the one sitting quietly on the couch in the corner of the store playing with his PDA or reading the paper.

Mitzi's donation is COMPLETE! It turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined and should fetch top dollar at the auction. Hopefully, the bidders have an appreciation for the handknit!

Bugg (my favorite daughter) is out of town so BDCH was kind enough to model!

My favorite-oldest son (Secret Agent U) thinks that my blog should be more putting stuff in about my kids! Secret Agent U does not knit and isn't of the age to appreciate items painstakingly interwoven with blood, sweat, and love. There is some very special yarn tucked away in the secret closet just waiting for the day when he has someone in his life that is good at doing laundry - let's hope that is a way out into the future. He did graduate from High School last month and I am very proud. He honors me by calling when he can and sending cards for holidays that sometimes arrive on time.
A very special Mother's Day card came this year.


Anonymous said...

Hi Knittyrella, It's me again, your friend that your going to send some yarn to. YOu haven't written me yet but then I realized maybe your to busy knitting? Will you send me some yarn so I can start knitting a blanket for winter? It will get very cold in my shed down by the river. Maybe you woudl like to come visit me. Your new kntting friend.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Your son is very good looking but very young.

BDCH said...

Gosh.... my favorite oldest son (a.k.a., Secret Agent Underpants) keeps getting better and better. Can your kids ever get so good they finally spontaneously explode?

I have many 'Proudest Memories' of Derek and one of the greatest things about him is... He continues to grow and give me even more 'Proudest Moments'!!