Friday, July 07, 2006

A Tale of Two Princesses

Bugg was the only sister/daughter/granddaughter in the family for 14 years and she enjoyed the coveted roll immensely. She received the title 'Princess' at a very early age and worked hard to modify the meaning of the word. When the Second Princess arrived in 2004 it was clear that Bugg loved her greatly and enjoyed the benefits of being a cousin...BUT she also held tightly to the title she had earned and lived all of her life.

Knitting began immediately when we heard that a baby was on the way. Yarn in yellows and variegated baby colors was purchased and was knit to become hats and sweaters. When the 2nd Princess arrived, she came on my youngest son's birthday - he didn't like sharing his birthday at all, but that is for another blog entry. It was evident that there were going to be some changes.

The 2nd Princess is a joy to us all! Her personality is very evident and resembles Aunt Kniterella's more than her parents would like to admit. I see a future in sailing through every knit store in town touching EVERY fiber, choosing the BEST colors, and heading home with bags and BAGS of new possibilities - with BOTH princesses in tow!

The 2nd Princess will be a shopper - I know, I can spot them a mile away. This is the perfect opportunity for me to get even with my brother - he was MEAN growing up (come to think of it, he still is). Age and two kids has softened him a bit, but he is still mean! I will help coach the 2nd Princess to be the best shopper and soon she will request her own Gold Card - her dad will not be able to say 'no' because she is a Princess. The yarn will be ours!

Sale yarn will entice a knitter into doing things that might not be totally rational. The Cass St. Depot had Skye Tweed from Classic Elite - on sale! What a deal, nearly $2.00 off each ball. The color - spring green. There was just enough for the cabled pullover AND it was on sale. The down side? it is a bit scratchy. Grandpa hated the color and still contends that it is too ugly for The 2nd Princess to be seen in.

I altered the middle cable by putting in a couple of reverse stockinette stitches at the base of each cable. This change made the center cable look more like a tree. Overall, the sweater turned out alright, but The 2nd Princess must have gi-normus brain because I cast off 4 times going up a needle size for each attempt just because this cute sweater won't fit over her head. If it won't fit this time, I will abandon the ribbed collar and replace it with a rolled one. It will be ready when the cool winds of the Fall begin to blow.

As for the First, Original, Truly One-and-Only Princess -- she receives hand-knit articles often. She has had many sweaters, hats, mittens, socks, and miscellaneous garments made for her. Love is knit into every stitch - she wears few of these beautiful items. This isn't because she does not like the yarn, style, or color - it is because she truly is a Princess. And I wouldn't change any of it for the world.
The 'Original Princess' - Bugg


Anonymous said...

Oh who is that beautiful girl in the picture. She is just darling, and would make a wonderful model for all of your makings!!

needle me said...

What a beautiful daughter! I bet she's a really hard worker! Aye matey!

BDCH said...

This little girl has a piece of my heart from the first time I saw her. She truly is a princess, but I like to call her 'Bug'. Like her mother, she helps me to keep my life in order. She is my favorite daughter and I love her so!!

Pictures can only capture a little bit of a persons beauty. The only way to see the rest with your ears, your mind, and most importantly, your heart. I have had that opportunity and am the luckiest parent in the world.

By the way… any guys reading this… just remember that if you ever hurt my little girl, I will hunt you down like the dawg you are.

David said...

Wow, your baby is all grown up now. the last time I saw her she was just a child. Now, she is a beautiful young woman. I sure hope she picks a boyfriend that can knit. :)

ZUES said...

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh! mmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyy! your daughter is sooo bootifull. she is like bulonee and cow. i just adore you kniteerellina. also give your faboo daughteer my best from farm....