Friday, July 14, 2006

Work interferes with Knitting!

But I did find time to finish one sock (which may be a bit small for the giftee), all pieces to Egebo sweater which is being blocked, AND order more yarn. Hey, the sale at Mass Ave was too much for my brain. While glancing at my List of Desires, there were a couple of projects that had yarn requirements. I NEEDED the yarn!

Have you SEEN the Picnic rug in RY Classic Summer Book Eleven? Oh my gosh! I HAVE to make it! I've chosen Jo Sharp 8 ply DK Wool for this baby - those colors--Susan didn't have a substitute for the pink which means a road trip, darn. The plan is to locate something from ThreadBear Fiberarts. ThreadBear is an experience in itself-I can't think of a fiber that they don't stock. BDCH was VVVVEEERRRYYY patient the last time I visited - I felt guilty for days (not). It took an extremely long time to peruse all of their offerings before I settled on a Fair Isle bag and wool for a Celtic cardigan (both of which are in line for the needles).

Back to the picnic rug - It is crochet. Did I mention that my crochet skills are limited to the basics? The 'lobster claw' has been successfully added to a couple of shell sweaters and looks fabulous. When it comes to actually constructing something with crochet, luck has not been with me. Stitcher Bomb has agreed to teach me this pattern and it looks easy enough once the middle is made. We will set the date as soon as the pink wool is acquired (I possess a burning need to have all materials at-hand before any knitting occurs).

Family visits, summer hours at our venue, and moving have disrupted Knitnite with Mitzi. I'm missin' you, lady! Remember - lift with your legs, not your back!


needle me said...

Ex-squeeze me? When do I get a cool name? I see Sharon got one. What the heck? Can I pick one for me or do you do that? And what's this about a trip to ThreadBear without your new knitting friend. BAH! You're right. Work DOES get in the way of knitting. And so does sleeping. Speaking of which, I must get some.

Kniterella said...

Dearest Needle Me:

Thou is dubest: Flosstitute

Now quit whining and get to knittin'!