Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Yarn Wagon

This week - I fell off the yarn wagon! Gulp! There was a sale at Mass Ave Knit Shop, that only happens a couple of times each year. Susan is nice enough to mail a hot pink card to let me know the sale is coming and I arrange my road trips to accommodate. This year, however; my beer-drinking-connoisseur-of-a-husband (BDCH) and I have decided to stay home and recover. BDCH's work schedule has been atrocious and we're playing it low key. I just HAD to place a phone order!
Susan hard at work

During Woolie Day 2006 with Mitzi I picked up RY's Classic Beach book nine. More than a few of the patterns appealed to me and Mitzi didn't need to convince me too much. The Natural Silk Aran stock was not all in and that yarn did not get to come home with me that day. Many other kinds of yarn came home with us that day - that's a whole other posting...

As it will happen, Susan had PLENTY of the Silk Aran in stock - enough for a sweater and this cute Sea Shell Bag.

I haven't decided which sweater I will make - the SeaBreeze and Sandstone patterns both appeal to me. Soon, a box will arrive on my doorstep with the colors Aero and Barley, I can't wait!

What's that? The yarn diet, you ask? Well, I gave Susan my credit card number and she sent me yarn - seems a little like BDCH's beer compensation!

Soon I will be headed to Homestead NeedleArts for a class with Sharon. My project is a Christmas stocking and it has little gingerbread people all over it. Sharon said that the blue background looks like someone was on acid when they chose the color and we plan to change it to a nice green. My skills clearly put me into the 'newbie' category, but the results are satisfying. Last Friday we met to keep Theresa company and to ... knit! Sharon is working on the FABULOUS blanket - Hamper (in the foreground). The pattern is crochet which is not my forte, but it is clearly Sharon's. I drooled! She won't give it to me ---shamelessly, I asked!

Sharon did offer to teach me to crochet it and, remembering my special closet, I have opted out - tearfully!

Theresa put her foot down and us making us do needlework this Friday. The goal is to get enough finished to put goldilocks hair on one of the gingerbreads! That is driving Sharon crazy. Here is a photo of the 'before' shot

A couple are finished - ok, ONE. Check out Theresa's shop and be sure to sign up for her newsletter. She writes better than she stitches-joking! Seriously, the Star canvas
is to DIE for. This photo does not do it justice! They are arranging a class and I am SO signing up!


Jeffrey said...

Dearest Kniterella...

My greatest goal in life has always been, and will always be, for you to be happy. I know we took a pledge, but if buying material helps make you happy...

Load up the secret/magic closet!!

I feel somewhat safe knowing that the closet has a defined non-expanding space and that you are very close to meeting the space limitations of said closet.

Knowing how creative both you and my daughter can be... we probably should have a few defined rules...

1) You can only use the secret/magic closet for storing your treasure(s)... Please note, as I write this, I see several large bags, boxes, and an overflowing basket just outside of the closet in your office. I would contend this is stored in an off-limits manner. Hmmnnn. outside a 'closet' door in your office... I wonder if there is any connection between this closet and the secret/magic closet???

2) You have to make the mortgage payment each month!!

3) The clerks at the stores can keep 'giving' me those delightful bottles of fully hopped and wonderfully malted cereal grain beverage. How can I say "no" when they go so far out of their way wanting to make me hoppy, er, what I meant to say was happy.

I love to read your blog and to look at the smile on your face when you are contemplating, planning, doing, and completing a project. I have noticed the same look on your face when you look at me!! Hey, am I a 'project' too?

Your Husband

needle me said...

Oh my gosh! Did they break the mold when they made this man? I have TWO unmarried sisters!

kathy said...

Just happened on your site by accident, but was quite intrigued. I am also a knitter, usually blankets and afghans. I love the bag you have pictured. Would you be kind enough to send me the pattern ( you very much. I do enjoy the site.