Monday, June 26, 2006

Yarnus Interruptus

On May 20, 2006 I went on a yarn diet.
I can almost hear a gasp followed by screaming,
but gets WORSE!

...The interruptus lasts until June 1, (drumroll.....2007!) badump bump!

WHY, WHY would I EVER agree to a yarn diet - especially self-imposed? Can't I find one credit card with availability on the limit, you ask?

It actually has nothing to do with available funds, it has to do with overwhelming...something - let me work through this.

Like many knitters, I have amassed a huge inventory of stash. I could not possibly use it all before they put me in the ground. I have jokingly (yes kids, it is a JOKE) advised my family to throw everything that is left in with me before they slam the lid shut. A diet, though, isn't that drastic? Stash is a fact of life for a knitter. You NEED to have options...

Maybe it will help to know about the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back:

On the cool morning of May 20, 2006 I set out to visit Philosopher's Wool in Inverhuron, Canada. Excited and armed with my current project for the ride, I anxiously anticipated my plan of attack. Weeks earlier, I had meticulously cased the patterns and wool on Eugene and Ann's website. There was an index card outlining the items I would purchase tucked inside my pocket (retentive, I know). I dared not share the information with anyone for fear they would purchase all of the wool before my chance arrived.

At the farm we were directed to tour the cabin where many, many, many sweaters, socks, and hats had been painstakingly displayed. The entire time, I worried and planned my next move - as soon as I could make my escape to the barn, I would have the wool to myself. And opportunity. I made my way to the barn and made them PROMISE to safeguard my sweater materials - all 3 kits!
Killum Fractured DiamondsColor Your Own

Upon arrival home I squirreled my coveted prizes to my special closet. My YARN closet! The door would not open! A yard stick worked perfectly to clear behind the door and I slowly peeked my head inside. At this moment, realization struck me that there would not be room in my special closet for the new wool. All of the fiber - that wonder fiber...I LOVED when I bought it, I love it all. Rarely have I walked into a yarn store and left with nothing. The hand dyed, silk, mohair, cotton, wool -- all of it. It deserves to become something that I had once intended. All of the possibilities and the intentions... Yet it had become forgotten, reduced to a descriptive line in a mis-managed yarn database (really retentive, I know).

The announcement to my husband and Mom (Queen Moo) that I would not be purchasing yarn for an entire year was met with stares of amusement and giggles. Surely, they could not be hearing this right - I would NEVER be able to accomplish this amazing feat! Feeling courageous, a challenge was issued - I would not purchase yarn, and could my husband not purchase beer for one whole year? He could never do it, I knew this.

Important Note: He LOVES beer like I love yarn...He is a beer connoisseur...He loves the smell, the color, the texture...the different flavors, brands, labels...he covets beer!
The deal was struck,
Ground Rules:
  1. You cannot have someone buy yarn/beer for you
  2. You can accept legitimate gifts of yarn/beer
  3. I can purchase yarn if needed to complete a current project
  4. You cannot buy yarn/beer for yourself

It has been a month and I am proud that I have only purchased 2 skeins of Araucania Nature Wool #22 to finish Egebo (Rule #3).

About the beer....I was right! The beer is flowing - Pale Ales have been suspiciously abundant and the answer is: He gives the store clerk money, and they give him beer! A clear violation! I am not bitter - I have yet to see a pint of beer that costs $38/skein.


needle me said...

I'm sure you could (gasp) actually knit with some of your stash...maybe if you pulled it all out and sat in the center of it, it would be like a party and you could go shopping in it. But maybe not. Maybe you and your new friend Theresa could pick a Monday and go shopping at some yarn shops you haven't seen - is there such a thing - a yarn shop you haven't seen?

Also why are all your comments left by family except for one. Doesn't anybody know you? Perhaps somebody should post your link in their newsletter...

Anonymous said...

It's me again Kniteralla. Sounds like you have like, a really lot of yarn. I'm sure you could send me some. I live like, way far away from you. I'm sure you could mail it or send it by truck or something. I live in a little wooden shed. Down by the river.

Anonymous said...

It's me again Kniteralla. Sounds like you have like, a really lot of yarn. I'm sure you could send me some. I live like, way far away from you. I'm sure you could mail it or send it by truck or something. I live in a little wooden shed. Down by the river.

Anonymous said...

Oops I'm way sorry Knitty. I pushed the key twice. You know, I'm at the library using the computer and I'm not very good at this. I have to leave soon but the air conditioning is so nice here I don't want to be it's almost closing time. It's so humid down by the river. But it's so cold in the winter I really need to knit myself some new clothes. Your knew knitting friend.

Kniterella said...

My friend, Theresa - I would LOVE to yarn shop with you for, as you know, I have fallen off the wagon. Look for more details on that in my next post!

Yes, there are yarn shops I have not seen and I'd love a post in a newsletter....if my words are worthy!

P.S. Do you live down by the river?

Anonymous said...

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needle me said...

Hello Knitarella,

OH BOY! Where's your next post? I want to go shopping! No, I don't live by the river. I live by the freeway, I told you! Ask me which one when we see each other. Also I didn't write the secret shopping one. Theresa