Saturday, June 19, 2010

Spinning Red Bunny Balls

bunny ball spinning (5)
With the decision made to spin for Tour de Fleece 2010, practice ensued.

This fiber just happened to be within arms reach in the fiber closet. It came to me through a swap last year where I wanted some yarn, she wanted some yarn, and this fiber was thrown in to even out the deal. Pretty sweet for me because it was a dream to spin.

bunny ball spinning

Bonus that this isn't a colorway that would typically land in my fiber stash. It began as 4 oz divided into two even balls that required no pre-drafting.

bunny ball spinning (3)

Soft as can be and at 75% Rambouillet and 25% Angora, it is sure to have a little warmth (not that we need it in South Louisiana). Sold by Carolina Homespun through Elemental Affects

bunny ball spinning (4)

My family was shocked to see me on the wheel. I cannot remember the last time there was time made to spin. It had been nagging at the corner of my mind lately, though.

bunny ball spinning (2)
Bonus that it hung balanced and did not even need to be weighted down for drying.

Time to give some serious thought to my Tour de Fleece goals for this year!


Walden said...

The handspun is very lovely! Congrats with getting reacquainted with your wheel . :)

Jeanne said...

Very pretty yarn - looks like you got back into the swing of spinning quickly!

Saffron said...

Rambouillet and Angora sounds dreamy! That's some lovely yarn!