Friday, January 08, 2010


Where did the holidays go?

Christmas was very nice for us. It was calm, relaxing, and genuine.

My tall son has a sense of humor! At times, it is difficult for him to be serious at all. He helps decorate the tree and can reach to the top without standing on anything. The result are wacky ornaments and funny gags high enough for the rest of us not to reach. We all thought the fingernail clippers (he did choose the gold ones) and his photo held by the angel were funny and opted to leave them.

Lucy is usually mischievous, but posed perfectly.

The photos of Bugg and Hubs were really good, too.

...and there is a little knitting content.
This little sweater and hat knit up quickly. Finding buttons was not as easy. Bugg and I settled on the butterflies and they turned out so cute that one was added to the hat.
The yarn is Merino Print 5 by Crystal Palace. It is soft and squishy, perfect for a baby.
I used 4.25 balls for the sweater and hat. I am thinking of making a pair of booties or baby mittens with the rest.

All knitting for the Christening gown is complete! It is pinned out for blocking.
Just in time! The mom-to-be is in the hospital now and may have the baby via c-section today.
The gown will receive honors of it's very own post sometime in the near future.


Linda said... did just finish up in the nick of time. Can't wait to see the finished pics. Cute little baby set and cute family pics too.

Jeanne said...

The baby set is adorable - I love the buttons!

I can't believe the holidays are over - so fast!

Walden said...

The sweater and hat are adorable! Love the little buttons. Can't wait to see the gown.

Saffron said...

What a cute dog! Love the baby set (such cute buttons! :)