Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Blanket

My concern: How do you show your friend dealing with a life altering illness that you care?

My daughter and I discussed my desire to support Lisa and let her know she is in my prayers. My inclinations lean toward doing something and we came up with the idea of making a blanket of portable size so she could take it along to chemo.

A few years ago, many volunteers offered their talents and time to create a large version - The Hope Blanket. Donations were made the American Cancer Society and the blanket was given away. Luckily, I still had the patterns and enough of the original yarn to make this for Lisa. She actually was a contributor and her square designs are included in her new blanket.

If you have a minute, please stop and say a little prayer for those who are dealing with any type of cancer. Before you say 'Amen', please include a little blessing for Lisa.


Jeanne said...

Beautiful blanket - I'm sure it will comfort her during her recovery. What a good friend you are!

Walden said...

What a wonderful gift. To be able to literally wrap yourself in love and comfort.

Linda said...

I'm sure Lisa realizes what a special friend you are every time she wraps your beautiful blanket around herself. You're always with her. I'll say special prayers for her.

Saffron said...


barb said...

I am in love with this blanket. I am just starting the Baby's Textured Blanket in the "itty bitty nursery" book by Susan B. Anderson. This one will be next. Wow!