Tuesday, June 30, 2009


There is only a small amount of time for this post. Today is the day everything must be removed from our temporary housing and someone (Bugg) waited until the last minute to finish up her closet.

The thrill of finishing a project has visited! The Rivolo wrap is finished, although not blocked yet. Anne Hanson's scarf pattern was just doubled in width and the end result will be super pleasing.

Having gotten that under my belt, a thought to finish the Swirl wrap flitted through my mind so I cast on some Rowan Milk Cotton Fine for a little breezy summer number.

...on to the house.

It has reached THAT stage. You know, the one where the original cleaning job has worn off and the house needs cleaned? It bothers me that there are still things (many things) which haven't found their final place yet and it is difficult to be motivated to clean around stacks or piles. On top of that, there are things to be accomplished like hanging curtain rods. This morning, I finished up one project that had been a primary target for completion.

The house is 6 years old and the choice of cabinetry hardware left me scratching my head. Hubs and I made a trip to look at replacement hardware and my ultra-conservative man experienced sticker shock. There are 50 knobs and 36 pull handles in this house and at $3.00 - $4.00 each, it adds up. I was able to find the knobs on-line for 50% less, but ended up having to pay the price for the handles.
I am pleased with the end result. Let me plug for a wonder product - Old English Scratch Cover. They make it in different colors for darker and lighter woods. It did a great job refreshing the cabinet lustre.

There are photos of the yard, but someone is being impatient and requests my help moving.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tour de Fleece 2009: a new beginning

Fiber excitement! The Tour de Fleece blog is up, goals are being set, and fiber-licious plans are brewing around here.

Ok, that sounds like how I feel about the Tour de Fleece 2009, but I'm actually trying to get motivated to go searching through my fiber to see what my next step will truly be. 2008 was a wonderful experience and this is just what was needed to get me back on my wheel. There has been little opportunity to spin since moving last December. Actually, there is a little practice Angora from Edward on there and that is the extent of the last 6 months of spinning.

For shame.

I am pretty certain that I will be spinning Briar Rose Fiber again. Chris is a magician and just thinking about that BFL makes my fingers yearn to have the buttery soft fiber flow through them.

There is still time for you to join up and spend most of July accomplishing your spinning goal, go check it out.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Have you gotten a mammogram lately?

Moving to a new city brings all sorts of opportunities, including finding health care providers.

My goal is to have my mammogram during my birthday month as it is pretty easy to track and remember. This year, I missed my

My husband found a provider first and I decided to give him a try. So far, so good. It took awhile to get an appointment, but once I saw him he offered referrals for all that ails me - including a mammogram!

As I walked into the breast center that day, I felt empowered that medicine has means of early detection. Afterward, I felt happy, proud, (I am having trouble finding the right words) that the annual appointment was accomplished. This is one of the things I do to take care of myself and it pleases me to check it off my list.

That night, I spied the little scarf kit which was gifted to me by my friend Sharon a few years ago (Sharon, I miss you - are you there?).
It was the perfect time to take a break and knit on something that could be finished quickly and remind me of a specific event that can be so useful and helpful to us.

Have you gotten your mammogram? If you need help finding somewhere to go, check out this link.
I wish that peaceful, fulfilled feeling that is so difficult for me to explain, for you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home is where the yarn is

Bugg helped move my yarn collection to the new house this week. Instantly, I felt relief and excitement at having all of those fibers and colors at my fingertips. Of course, there is no time right now to actually use it, but I dream of a time very near when that will happen.

The movers made the final trip last week and brought the everyday furniture and things we'd been using for the past 6 months. The thought of unpacking boxes and all of that paper just clogged my mind so we've been moving the rest of things via car or truckload every day. The rental is ours until the end of June and it is progressing well. I've made a deal with Bugg to bring my books over for pay. In my eyes, this is a pretty good deal because we have 3 pretty big bookshelves worth of books. Her deadline is Tuesday...

A piano technician was called to give the baby grand a checkover. It is resting in a climate controlled storage unit and got through with minor damage. We're waiting for the repair estimate, but everything was superficial and Bugg was as relieved as I.

I miss browsing through my blogs and look forward to catching up on all of the wonderful posts that I've missed.

Burn Notice is on followed by Royal Pains - looks like an opportunity to knit!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lilies, yarn, and sleeping in

Grape Rivolo has been in process for quite awhile now. I cast-on at the end of February...here it is June already and I am passing the half way mark. My seemingly inability to work on this has everything to do with my available time and nothing to do with the pattern. Anne's pattern is impeccable and the finished wrap will no doubt thrill. Now that I am past the half, I might be able to finish it this month.

New yarn has come to live with me. Madelinetosh Yarn Club; The Magnolia Society proved irresistible. This is the first installment and there is no regret or disappointment. The hankering to knit socks has been creeping around here and this just might be for the next pair.

Darby has been sleeping late these days. We've taken him to the new house on occasion and he runs around sticking his nose into everything which must make him extra lazy in the morning. It is pretty warm during the day and the pups are not very heat tolerant. We have been walking them in the afternoons and I look forward to exploring our new neighborhood with them. Bugg found a dog park here in town and we are considering taking them. She took KC last week and he did well (although he high-tailed it to the car when it was time to leave).
My birthday came and went. Bugg and KC (with help from mom) sent beautiful flowers full of Stargazer Lilies. I love lilies and the way they can freshen up a room with their smell.
I was very surprised to come home from work that day and find them waiting for me. The vase was huge and packed full. What a sweet birthday treat!

Upon review of the photos on my digital camera, I came across this photo taken the last time I groomed Delilah. Her fur is so fluffy and soft, I can't wait to spin it. It makes me smile to think of that day and how she just loved to sit in my lap and look around at what was going on outside the window.