Thursday, June 18, 2009

Home is where the yarn is

Bugg helped move my yarn collection to the new house this week. Instantly, I felt relief and excitement at having all of those fibers and colors at my fingertips. Of course, there is no time right now to actually use it, but I dream of a time very near when that will happen.

The movers made the final trip last week and brought the everyday furniture and things we'd been using for the past 6 months. The thought of unpacking boxes and all of that paper just clogged my mind so we've been moving the rest of things via car or truckload every day. The rental is ours until the end of June and it is progressing well. I've made a deal with Bugg to bring my books over for pay. In my eyes, this is a pretty good deal because we have 3 pretty big bookshelves worth of books. Her deadline is Tuesday...

A piano technician was called to give the baby grand a checkover. It is resting in a climate controlled storage unit and got through with minor damage. We're waiting for the repair estimate, but everything was superficial and Bugg was as relieved as I.

I miss browsing through my blogs and look forward to catching up on all of the wonderful posts that I've missed.

Burn Notice is on followed by Royal Pains - looks like an opportunity to knit!

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