Sunday, June 07, 2009

Lilies, yarn, and sleeping in

Grape Rivolo has been in process for quite awhile now. I cast-on at the end of it is June already and I am passing the half way mark. My seemingly inability to work on this has everything to do with my available time and nothing to do with the pattern. Anne's pattern is impeccable and the finished wrap will no doubt thrill. Now that I am past the half, I might be able to finish it this month.

New yarn has come to live with me. Madelinetosh Yarn Club; The Magnolia Society proved irresistible. This is the first installment and there is no regret or disappointment. The hankering to knit socks has been creeping around here and this just might be for the next pair.

Darby has been sleeping late these days. We've taken him to the new house on occasion and he runs around sticking his nose into everything which must make him extra lazy in the morning. It is pretty warm during the day and the pups are not very heat tolerant. We have been walking them in the afternoons and I look forward to exploring our new neighborhood with them. Bugg found a dog park here in town and we are considering taking them. She took KC last week and he did well (although he high-tailed it to the car when it was time to leave).
My birthday came and went. Bugg and KC (with help from mom) sent beautiful flowers full of Stargazer Lilies. I love lilies and the way they can freshen up a room with their smell.
I was very surprised to come home from work that day and find them waiting for me. The vase was huge and packed full. What a sweet birthday treat!

Upon review of the photos on my digital camera, I came across this photo taken the last time I groomed Delilah. Her fur is so fluffy and soft, I can't wait to spin it. It makes me smile to think of that day and how she just loved to sit in my lap and look around at what was going on outside the window.

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Jeanne said...

The wrap is beautiful - have fun finishing it! Love the yarn - great colorway

Happy Belated Birthday!