Tuesday, June 30, 2009


There is only a small amount of time for this post. Today is the day everything must be removed from our temporary housing and someone (Bugg) waited until the last minute to finish up her closet.

The thrill of finishing a project has visited! The Rivolo wrap is finished, although not blocked yet. Anne Hanson's scarf pattern was just doubled in width and the end result will be super pleasing.

Having gotten that under my belt, a thought to finish the Swirl wrap flitted through my mind so I cast on some Rowan Milk Cotton Fine for a little breezy summer number.

...on to the house.

It has reached THAT stage. You know, the one where the original cleaning job has worn off and the house needs cleaned? It bothers me that there are still things (many things) which haven't found their final place yet and it is difficult to be motivated to clean around stacks or piles. On top of that, there are things to be accomplished like hanging curtain rods. This morning, I finished up one project that had been a primary target for completion.

The house is 6 years old and the choice of cabinetry hardware left me scratching my head. Hubs and I made a trip to look at replacement hardware and my ultra-conservative man experienced sticker shock. There are 50 knobs and 36 pull handles in this house and at $3.00 - $4.00 each, it adds up. I was able to find the knobs on-line for 50% less, but ended up having to pay the price for the handles.
I am pleased with the end result. Let me plug for a wonder product - Old English Scratch Cover. They make it in different colors for darker and lighter woods. It did a great job refreshing the cabinet lustre.

There are photos of the yard, but someone is being impatient and requests my help moving.

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Jeanne said...

Rivolo looks great - can't wait to see it blocked..such a pretty color.

It is amazing how much handles and pulls cost - but probably worth it in the long run since it jus makes the whole thing. Pretty cabinets!