Thursday, February 05, 2009

The vest that languished

How difficult should it be to nail this home?

I just dove into this pattern, ass-u-ming that it would be designed with steeks. It was not.

The knitting continued even as I bound off for the armholes and realized the pattern was not centered. A check, check, re-check, check occurred and everything seemed to be in order. What did I do? I ignored the voice inside my head nagging that it would be most unpleasing to have a garment 'off-center' then continue knitting. All of the purling in colorwork is most distressing, but I've finished the front shoulders and rejoined the yarn for the back.

The nagging voice tells me there is a better way and I've gotten to the place and am ready to rip to the armhole and re-design a better beast. Not to trash the designer - it might just be a better beast for me.

Two things are certain...the pattern will be centered and I won't be purling.

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