Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thorns and Little Thorns

Mom's birthday rolled around last year and I knew she would love handknit socks. Everything she sees me knitting makes her ask if the item is for her and when it will be finished.

After fiddling around with some stitch ideas, I came up with Thorns.

Everyone who saw this pattern seemed to love it and Chris encouraged me to write it up. The socks were long gone by then (to mom) but I dug out my notes and made another pair out of Briar Rose Sonoma.

These socks are very comfortable and are perfect with boots or just lounging around the house. At 5 stitches/inch on size 5 needles, you can have a pair finished in no time.

With some adjustment of the pattern and stitch placement, it was possible to get the same effect with a thinner yarn resulting in Little Thorns. Little Thorns is slightly varied from Thorns and Briar Rose Fibers 4th of July was perfect for this sock. They fit right into my Danskos!

I love the way that Chris' hand dyed yarn blends in so naturally throughout the sock and with some encouragement, these patterns have been listed for sale and download through Ravelry.

Little Thorns


Elysbeth said...

Oh, very nice. Might have to jump this up the queue.

Holly Bee said...

They're gorgeous! I love that they're two toned!