Friday, February 20, 2009

Hub's Almost Valentine Socks

Thank goodness I've finished something. Although it was a few days late, my wonderful husband has focused on the fact that he has a new pair of handknit socks to wear.

Knit with Rowan Felted Tweed on size 2.25 and 2.5 needles, these finished up pretty quickly.


They fit like a dream which is always good when you have the person you are knitting for right there to size along the way.

Knitting with Felted Tweed was so pleasing that there is a green color waiting to become a pair of socks for me.

Those socks will have to wait. My new friend Angella and I are beginning our shawl-a-long today. We've decided to knit Anne's Rivolo.

My thought is to increase the width of the scarf sized design to make it wrap sized. It is an incredible pattern and I can't wait to cast on.


Jeanne said...

Great socks - they look so cozy!

becky c. said...

That scarf pattern is so pretty! Can't wait to see your wrap.