Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Through the loops mystery sock: the foot

TTL 2010 footWhew! Where have the last few weeks gone?

Most of the family has been fighting some kind of bug which seemed to have passed me by - until yesterday. I woke up with sore muscles and feeling a little under the weather but am better today. One day of feeling a little bad is bearable. The weather is changing most noticeably by the number of leaves in the pool. We don't have many plants which loose their leaves, but our neighbors do! The winds blew strong yesterday and the skimmer basket was so heavy that I could barely dig it out to empty it. It has been warm and humid, though. No complaints because we have 20 degrees on our previous town and 10 degrees on my home town. Seems like this is where the big difference begins in temperature.

The TTL Mystery socks are nearly complete. The toe directions come out this Friday and it is exciting to have a pair of new handknit socks. It has been quite awhile since I've made a pair and had been hankering to knit some when this sweet KAL came along. Kirsten does a wonderful job of keeping up with questions and her designs are fun and different. My socks from last year are still a favorite.

TTL 2010 foot (2)The Mardi Gras vest is still coming along. I have knit through the second whirligig and started on the 3rd. It does occur to me that it is nearing time to begin any Christmas presents that might be needed...


Walden said...

Really liking the sock! Thought I wouldn't when I had only seen the cuff. It looks especially nice in that red!

I am glad you are feeling better. :)

Saffron said...

Beautiful socks! :)