Monday, October 18, 2010

Mystery sock and a vest

whirligig version 2
Let's talk about the vest first. I've covered this darned thing so many times and feel like it is on the verge of a breakthrough. The second one is cast-on and through the first Whirligig pattern. The side stitches and middle stitches are are marked proving that the pattern will be centered when the decreases begin. I can't bring myself to frog the first version and if I end up not needing the extra yarn, maybe it will become a bag. The goal is to have it finished for Mardi Gras '11. A noble goal since it should have been ready for Mardi Gras '09.

the heel
The TTL mystery sock is going well. With the short heel clue this week, both socks are all caught up and ready for what comes next. I've knit enough socks to know that there should be nylon in the fiber content, but this sock yarn has been with me for awhile and wanted to be knit up. It is Madelinetosh and the color is fabulous.

Mid-way through the first trowel pattern repeat I switched to smaller needles. This is the largest size and I've found that doing this makes a snug fit around ankle and helps prevent sock slippage.

There have been 1001 interruptions while trying to blog this today so let's call this finished and weave in the loose ends in the next post.

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Walden said...

I can understand your aversion to frogging the first one. Hope the second one goes better. I love the colorwork. Not sure I could do something that in-depth yet. :)

The socks are looking good too!