Friday, August 13, 2010

Me-oh-my Anniversary Pi

Fleeting thoughts about celebrating Elizabeth Zimmerman's 100th birthday have been crossing my mind and then promptly being forgotten.

Today was the perfect day to catch-up on some of my favorite blogs and Jodi's post laid out the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for EZ's contribution to this craft I so truly love. Plus, I've always wanted to make a Pi shawl. Seriously, yummy lace and it is named 'pi'. I love pie and think of it every time 'pi' shawl is mentioned.

The link to Wendy's blog gave details for the swatch and ideas for the perfect yarn danced through my head. After much searching, the yarn was located and the swatch was complete - I am in!

I’ve chosen to use Briar Rose Angel Face in Autumn tones. The yarn will be held double which may run me a tad short. If this happens, I will make modifications or finish it out in a complimentary colorway. Definitely walking on the wild side - first pi shawl and fearlessly tempting yardage.

Pre-block swatch measures 3.75” across by 2.75” high Blocked swatch measures 4.25” across by 3.25” high. This means my finished shawl will be approximately 60".

I just can't wait until Sunday!


Walden said...

The swatch looks lovely! Glad you decided to knit along :)

Jeanne said...

Beautiful yarn - its going to make a beautiful shawl! I thought about joining the KAL but I really want to finish some current projects (but I did download the first clue)