Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baby things go so fast

No babies here, but when this pattern was published in a special issue of Interweave Knits last year I wanted to make it.

Anything with seed stitch attracts me. It is such an attractive stitch adding just the right texture. It can be a pain to knit in large amounts.

While browsing through a yarn store, this yarn jumped at me. It looked like enough yardage for the Whirligig Shrug, but it was a guess as to if it would really work because there was no yarn band. They may have told me what this yarn was. I didn't remember. Anyway, the color was perfect and it is washable.

This pattern is well written and should fit like a dream. I will definitely make this again in the future.


Walden said...

I am a huge fan of seed stitch and this is positively adorable. I went hunting for the pattern, but the magazine is out of print. Stephanie Japel said she is going to release it again in September though! :) Thanks for being an enabler!

Anna said...

I have just finished a baby cardigan with a seed stitch border around it and once again I found myself declaring my love for seed stitch. And I loved how quick the knit was!

HomeMadeOriginals said...

what's the name of this pattern? It's so cute, I may have to find it and knit it for a grand baby.