Tuesday, April 27, 2010

moving on

Every day I marvel that it is 80-some degrees and only April.
The veggies are growing nicely and my uncle clued me into the correct way to plant garlic. There was a pretty large pot growing a crop of weeds, and it didn't take much work to convert it to a garlic grower.
It was not difficult to decide what to knit after my little break. Just after learning to knit (10+ years ago), I bought yarn to make us all Christmas stockings. This one is for Bugg and I felted it in my front-load washer.
Lucy was sweet enough to pose with it before:felted stocking (2)
...and after felting

felted stocking
Bugg is going to love it!

My next project happens to be felting for Bugg, too. A cute bag pattern followed me home from Stitches West!

New flowers are blooming in the garden.
flowers (3)
The mum bushes are full of purple mums. The fact that they are blooming now still amazes me!

The calla lillies are just beginning to pop out - see the little pink buds?
flowers (5)
and the two potted bottlebrush trees are blooming!

Last Spring, the bottlebrush trees caught my attention. I loved the color and texture of the blooms, but could not find any by the time we had moved into our house. The nursery had two left this year!

The pool is hovering around 80 degrees and the kids have been swimming quite a lot. I like to wait for the 'around 90 degree' days before committing my body to that torture. The hot tub has been in full swing and it helps tremendously when my body rebels against my tennis schedule.

Bugg gets home from college on May 7th. We are in countdown mode and I'll bet new adventures are on our horizon which means more photos!


Jeanne said...

Very cute stocking - its on my list to make these for my family too - someday!

Enjoy the beautiful weather - gorgeous flowers!

Walden said...

Love the color contrast in the stocking. The flowers are lovely, I can't wait til it's that warm here.

Alice said...

I love the stocking! Someday I'd love to knit stockings for my family too.

Linda said...

Don't you just love spring.....flowers everywhere. Yours are very pretty, and Lucy is so cute.