Thursday, April 08, 2010

Eight days

Eight days until my non-knitting deadline. That makes it sound much more severe and 'issue-ish' than it truly is...

My elbow pain has improved greatly. They are sore on occasion, but not constantly as before.

A long abandoned needlepoint has filled the gap. Begun awhile back and sitting in a closet was not a good action for this piece. I loved it when it was started and I love it still. My goal (because we know I am driven by schedules) is to finish it within the eight days. It is pretty certain that it can be attained!

Gardening and landscaping has taken up a large amount of time. Just about everything is doing well and is automatically watered. Lowe's has this very inexpensive product called Mister Landscaper. If you have watering issues, you must check this line out. I ran a small line around the bottom of our fence then out to each plotted vegetable garden, up shepherd's hooks and into potted plants, across the yard onto the pool deck, and into a window box at the front of the house. Everything is on a timer now and it is super easy. No more forgetting to water and coming home to see a shriveled up plant!

It has been warm enough to get into the pool (ok, so I heated it a little). The hot tub has been very helpful after playing tennis. So, it seems things are progressing pretty well here. Not so fast! I have friends who are battling tough times with their health. I haven't been able to visit with them, but they are on my mind constantly and I hope to see them in the near future.

Don't forget, tax time is here. Our printed copy tells me they are due by MAY 15...hmmm, I need to look into that!


Walden said...

Glad you are feeling better. Will we get to see your needlepoint?

Lisa said...

Your flowers look great! That automatic watering is so worth it! I'm sure my hubby wishes everyone liked having a beautiful yard like you do. We would sell a lot more flowers. ;)

Jeanne said...

I love the window box - so pretty!

I'll have to check out the watering system - that would be great for the veggie garden!

I hope you continue to feel better...