Wednesday, October 28, 2009

from Louisiana to Kentucky by way of Dallas

This has been the longest stretch. Bugg went back to school at the beginning of August and it took until now for us to see her.
Once we get past this first point, the visits are more frequent.
Thanksgiving, then Christmas break, followed by Spring Break and Summer break up the amount of time between visits.

We flew to Kentucky last Friday and I was disappointed because I knew she wouldn't be there to meet us at the airport. BUT, there she was! Our excitement couldn't be contained and my heart soared when her little face came into view as we descended the escalator. Some friends had driven her over and it was the best surprise that we could have had. As is Bugg's custom, she brought us all gifts. Pop received some bourbon chocolates, FYS got candy, and I received the return of a scarf I've been wanting since Summer. It would have been nice to have a photo of this and the look on my face when she was standing there, but the feeling in my heart could not be conveyed in a photo anyway.

The agenda was tight all weekend. We were able to visit with friends, go to the horse track, and spend time enjoying the Fall weather. It was the first time at a horse race for me and it did not disappoint. I love horses, I love racing, how was this ever missed? We bet small amounts all day long on every race and the kids won more than Hubs and I put together.

The following day, we drove to The Shaker Village. We were not armed with a plan, just the idea to see some beautiful foliage and to spend the day together. It was a perfect day.

Monday came all too soon and we grabbed an early lunch with Bugg before heading to the airport. This is about the time that Hubs began feeling ill. It isn't a wonder because people were coughing and breathing all over each other on the way to Kentucky. I did my best not to breathe the germs, but Hubs captured some that he was certain to pass on to me. I've felt bad for two days and am fighting it with a steady dose of NyQuil. It was still worth the trip and I am anxiously awaiting the holidays when I know Bugg will be here for a more lengthy visit.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

cooler weather for Edward Bunny

The cooler weather provided the perfect opportunity for Edward Bunny and Bella Bunny to lounge outside this week.

Bella received a pretty disgraceful grooming from me and was too embarrassed to have her photo taken.

The backyard is completely fenced and I leave Darby outside with Edward (Darby stays outside the pen). Darby is super gentle, but will alert me if any other animal i.e. cat were nearby.

Darby has adopted the buns for his very own. He goes to check on them every morning and evening. Sometimes he just lays outside Edward's cage and watches rabbit TV.

Both of the bunnies used their litter pans and were very clean. It has been good for them to run around a bit, but warmer weather is on the way. It may be awhile before they can go back outside.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday morning

The house is quiet.

Everyone is sleeping and the dogs are sleeping, too.

Sunday mornings are my favorite.

I wake up fairly early and check my powerball ticket to discover that we did not get one single number, I check to make sure it was for the right draw date.

Now is the time to catch up on all of my blog reading. Each blog offers an opportunity to step into someone else's work room and enjoy seeing the progress made on various projects. Sometimes there is the treat of seeing a post from a blogger that has been absent for awhile, too busy to tell what has been happening in their day-to-day life. I see photos. Photos of yarn, pets, wips, and finished knits. Each inspire me to enjoy my own progress and events.

After a bit, coffee calls to me and I make my way to the kitchen where, I know, my husband has it ready to go. I push the button and wait for the beep telling me caffeine is waiting. Making my way to the laundry, I am aware of a chance to catch up with the laundry.

I look in on the bunnies and give them straw. It is cool out, there is a temperature gauge on the porch, and Edward Bunny gets put out and enjoy the weather. On my way past my own knitting, the thought passes to just sink into the couch and knit a few rows.

In a small amount of time there will be a stirring of activity but, for now, it is quiet.

I love Sunday mornings.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Under way

Time has flown and I realize it has been a good while since I've blogged.

My mom has been visiting for the past two weeks and we've stayed busy by adding little decorating touches to the house. It is much more home-y and we have had a lot of fun.

There are also many new projects on the needles. Most are clipping along quickly and will be finished in no time.

Through The Loops Mystery Sock 2009 piqued my interest because I've been wanting to knit a pair of socks. After reading Kristin's description of her sample yarn and pattern, I knew my yarn would be Lisa Souza sock that was gifted to me long ago. The color would be fantastic and with the holidays coming, red will be very useful. The first two clues are finished with only one change of adding a repeat for the leg. Each new clue comes out on Thursday and these will be set aside to make progress on one of my other wips.

An Empire Waist Cardigan by Classic Elite is the design that seemed perfect for Briar Rose Penny Lane. This yarn blocks beautiful and holds a very flattering drape. The top half is finished and I am ready to begin the collar and skirt portion.

Another project that caught my eye was this Lana Grossa vest knit in Lana Grossa Come. This yarn is incredibly soft and easy to knit. The pattern is lovely, but not necessarily something to knit in front of the television. There were a couple of places that needed to be fixed where I knit instead of purled. Overall, it is progressing well.

My favorite part of having so many things working at the same time is that they will all likely be finished at the same time and that brings a huge sense of accomplishment. Great photos are sure to come in the next few weeks.