Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday morning

The house is quiet.

Everyone is sleeping and the dogs are sleeping, too.

Sunday mornings are my favorite.

I wake up fairly early and check my powerball ticket to discover that we did not get one single number, I check to make sure it was for the right draw date.

Now is the time to catch up on all of my blog reading. Each blog offers an opportunity to step into someone else's work room and enjoy seeing the progress made on various projects. Sometimes there is the treat of seeing a post from a blogger that has been absent for awhile, too busy to tell what has been happening in their day-to-day life. I see photos. Photos of yarn, pets, wips, and finished knits. Each inspire me to enjoy my own progress and events.

After a bit, coffee calls to me and I make my way to the kitchen where, I know, my husband has it ready to go. I push the button and wait for the beep telling me caffeine is waiting. Making my way to the laundry, I am aware of a chance to catch up with the laundry.

I look in on the bunnies and give them straw. It is cool out, there is a temperature gauge on the porch, and Edward Bunny gets put out and enjoy the weather. On my way past my own knitting, the thought passes to just sink into the couch and knit a few rows.

In a small amount of time there will be a stirring of activity but, for now, it is quiet.

I love Sunday mornings.


HomeMadeOriginals said...

I savor my Sunday mornings too, definitely a relaxing part of my week.

Saffron said...

What a lovely post. :) Thanks for sharing your Sunday Morning. :)

Jeanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful Sunday morning - thanks for sharing it! Hope the rest of your weekend was wonderful too...

Elysbeth said...

Sounds lovely, a little island of peace in a full life.

Edward/Bella are so tempting. Thank goodness I'm on the road. :)