Sunday, March 09, 2008

What I finished this week

I really like the idea of the Namaste bag giveaway popping up first, but my hope is that you will zoom on over and donate to the American Cancer Society to benefit the Hope Lodge and still catch up on what I've been doing this week.

There are finished objects!!!!

That darned Chantal cardigan by Norah Gaughan from the Vol 1 book - love it! Hated knitting all of the fisherman's rib and waffle between thinking that I should/could have knit this in one piece back and forth and that it was fine as it was written. It is quite possible that I would never have finished it if it was all in one piece. I did do the sleeves at the same time and that nearly killed me! Bugg and I walked into the store and found these buttons right off - seriously, it was a 5 minute visit and we were out of there with buttons that I am happy with!

I did have one skein of each yarn left over and I know it can be returned. There were maybe two rows left on each shoulder (sleeve) and the Ultra Alpaca ran out. I couldn't see opening a whole skein for a few rows and bind off so I doubled the Ultra Alpaca Light and finished up with it - can't even tell! The remaining skeins will go back this week and something new will probably follow me home.

Some spinning happened this week. My goal was to spin a bit thicker and practice placing the colors where I wanted them. Overall, the result is very pleasing and this may become a hat.

Fiber: Funky Carolina 4 oz. Superwash Merino

Large skein - 134 yards

Small skein - 38 yards

**WARNING** Husbands need not go further** (this means you, honey)

Now, at the risk of tempting you endlessly with yarn...I have a TON of stash that I would love to disburse. If you are on Ravelry, check here for some enabling opportunities. If not, check out the photos in my stash on Flickr.

Just in case you were sidetracked by all of the goodies - don't forget to go back and donate to The American Cancer Society. The Namaste Bag will be mailed out on March 11th (that is only 2 days from now) and it could be yours in appreciation of your support.


Lisa said...

Cute sweater.
Gorgeous spinning.
Good luck on your destash.
My donation is in! Yay!

Beth said...

Your spinning is coming along beautifully!