Friday, March 28, 2008

All talk and knitting too

Thinking about my finished knit projects and the wip's helped me realize that many of them haven't been posted here. True, true, much time has been spent blocking the squares (the marvelous squares), but there are a few finished objects that can be shared.

This Rose Trellis Scarf was made with Atacama yarn that came to me through a Ravelry swap. It took 2.5-3 skeins and looks very different knit up than in the hank - this was a good gamble and there was enough yarn to make it sufficient length. I like to put it across my throat and pull the ends back to the front then put a scarf pin on.

The Chantal cardigan has been a favorite since being sewn up - I have worn it many times and Love the design. The Berroco Ultra Alpaca and Alpaca Light are perfect - soft and squishy! It would be nice to make it again, but the endless fisherman's rib will keep me away.

There was a nightmare last week where a blue cotton zip neck vest tried to eat me. Translated, this meant that a vest knit up last year was waiting impatiently for a zipper to be sewn in. The nightmare scared me and I gave it...

So, all of these finished things meant there was time to cast on for the vest while waiting for the squares to dry...

I LOVE this vest. The Miski yarn doesn't help my resistance at all ~ all soft and cuddly just yearning to be knit up. The colors chosen (by me) really don't work together. Two colors need to be ordered to even begin and now there is extra Miski, so I began sleep socks for a special Univ of KY colors.

The plan is to send something handknit every month after Bugg goes to college and these will be perfect for that.

Finally, a new addition to the family arrived - quite unexpectedly! KC (Casey) came to live with us Easter Eve thanks to Bugg. Now that she is 18, she feels like she can last chance rescue any little doggie that needs a home. He's cute, well behaved (for a pup), and housebroken. He is also huge! We are all adjusting and I remind myself that Bugg will be leaving for college in 3 months. Luckily, My Favorite Youngest Son loves this dog, too. Oh, it didn't take long for him to commandeer Lucy's bed...this might get messy ; )

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