Sunday, September 19, 2010

My favorite new knit

acorns grandmas blessing (6)I've fallen helplessly in love with this sweater. My journey began nearly two years ago with a package from Chris at Briar Rose Fibers. The box contained a huge, squishy hank of Grandma's Blessing which is a superwash sport-weight wool. The colors fit me (Chris has often indulged my desire for greens and blues) and that huge skein called to me.

Enter Carol Sunday's Acorn pattern. Hours were spent on Ravelry while looking for the perfect sweater for my coveted yarn. Acorns did not disappoint.

It took a quick month to finish, but it honestly sat over a week waiting for buttons.

The only modification made was to lengthen the torso by 1 1/4 inches.

Instead of using waste yarn for the cast-on, I decided to use an extra cable with the screw-on ends already attached. These are from Knit Picks. The cable was just held in place of the waste yarn and is flexible enough to stay in place. This worked wonderfully and the live stitches are already on a cable! When ready I just screwed on the correct needle size and knit. When using this technique, you want to keep the provisional yarn tight and you may want to work the stitches through the back loop for the first row to tighten-up the provisional stitches.

Although it seems intuitive, I also slipped the live sleeve stitches onto small cables with the screw on ends. They were waiting there and when it was time to work the sleeves, I attached the needle ends and went to work.

Next up: Completion of the EZ 100th birthday Pi Shawl


Walden said...

The sweater looks lovely. I love the look of purls on the outside.

WonderWhyGal said...

That sweater is GORGEOUS! One quick month, yikes! I am working on my first top down sweater and I just finally got to the sleeves. I started that mid-August.

I love the Briar Rose yarns but found that I love her roving more. Maybe because I love to spin more than knit. The color and the pattern are perfect.

oooh, another sweater to add to my list of "I want to knit one day!"

Anonymous said...

How wonderful Acorn turned out! It looks lovely with those colour variations.

I hope you get to use her often!