Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic scale knitting

When the Ravelympic goal was set it made me nervous. Uncertain that such knitting could be accomplished before departing for Stitches West loomed in my mind. Turns out that President's Day and the Mardi Gras celebration actually helped me reach my goals!

As if that wasn't enough help, we went to see family last Sunday. The car ride was an hour and half there and by the time we returned, I was knitting straight stockinette and could pretty much do that in the dark.

The yarn is Briar Rose Fibers Heritage which turns to softness when washed. It blocked nicely. Needles - US 4 and US 6

There is one more UFO in my basket that should be finished before departing for Stitches. Susanna Hansson's classes have me very excited and I have a little surprise project waiting for me when I return.


Walden said...

It looks lovely. The color is beautiful and I really like how the lace looks.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful - congrats for finishing it! I love the color - so pretty!

Saffron said...

Awesome! Definitely Olympic Scale knitting! Love the lace part! :) (love the beads too ;) )

Alice said...

This vest is gorgeous! Wow, well done on finishing, you've got one beautiful FO to show for it :)