Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hot beer and cold showers

This post isn't nearly as sexy as I would hope. The move from Michigan to Louisiana has been quite an adventure...

The packers spent 3 days at the house and things went well, but I was ready for a little privacy and some space of our own. On the 4th day, God made cold, drizzly rain. It also happens that that was the day to load our stuff on the truck. The details need to be spared, but let it suffice to say that it took a lot longer than expected to load our stuff and it also took an extra truck...but I jump ahead in the story.

We tore down the bunny cages pretty early that day and loaded everything up. Buns were pretty calm in their transport cages and they were tucked away from the chaos so things were going well there. The three of us tried our best to stay out of the way of the loaders while waiting for the transport carrier to pick up the car.

Those loaders are truly talented - they picked up huge stacks of boxes...HEAVY boxes...and ran to put them into the truck.

Around 2P most of our stuff was finished, the car gone, and we trekked to Indiana to spend a few nights with my parents. It was easier to stay put in the same place and the bunny cages were assembled in the garage giving them a rest before the long travel to Louisiana. Somewhere around here is when I found out that the first truck was full and a second would be dispatched 'sometime soon'. Our driver was fantastic and tried to ease my mind by giving a play-by-play of what remained and I felt pretty good about it.

Fast forward to Thursday...we departed Indy at about 6A for the long day's drive to our new home. Man, it was dark for-ev-er and I was so tired. Hubs and FYS took the three dogs. Apparently, they played some word games and talked, generally having an ok time. The three bunnies rode with me and they didn't say a word. This is good and bad because I was exhausted and could have used some silly conversation. Anyway, let me warn you that the only Starbucks I saw between our departure and Mississippi was one of the ones closed. (There may have been Starbucks, but I didn't see them). What a long, boring drive.

By the time we arrived around Jackson, MS and found a Starbucks, I needed it badly. Unfortunately, we found that the snow had followed us and there was snow. This photo was taken when we stopped for gasoline. After leaving this station, the trip went a little downhill.
I guess it might freak you out a little to drive when it doesn't snow much. The highways were clear and we were moving on. There were so many slide offs (hope no one was hurt) that we couldn't believe it. I did chuckle to see a huge Ford Expedition slid around at the side of the road abandoned - they could have put it in 4-wheel-drive and driven right back onto the road...
To shorten the story, we arrived dazed and tired at our new home with a goal to drop the animals off and head to a hot shower at a nearby hotel. There were some snafoos which I will keep to myself because I am trying to focus on what is in my control. We did end up at the hotel and spent a much needed rest.
We needed it...our stuff was being delivered at 8A the next morning
To be continued


SB said...

I told you that you didn't have to drive that far to see snow. You could have looked out your kitchen window! hehehehe. I'm a shtinker, ain't I?

P.S. I live in proximity to many Starbucks. May I send you something?

SB :)

Jeanne said...

Moving is such a drag - I hope that you get settled in soon!

becky c. said...

My email service says your email address doesn't exist (???) so I'm leaving a note here.

It's great having Lindsey home and we had a very nice Christmas. Today we've got gray skies, black ice, and thunder of all things. Bet you miss it!

Elysbeth said...

Glad you arrived alive and safe, even if slightly battered.